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Friday, June 29 2007


The next day came quickly, and it was time for our return visit to  the Concert Hall.

We listened to Ayonae Ro lead these musicians, but they all lacked a stage presence, and they didn't make much of an impression under her direction.  We knew we could do better than she could ever dream of doing.  So we mounted a hostile takeover. 

Small chance of that.  We like it here.  We were born to be on this stage.  

Three new encounters.  Three first kills.  All in three days.  And the final one completing the Prophecy of Ro expansion.  Congratz to everyone for their excellent work this week.  It's good to be a Traveler and see all that Norrath has to offer.


We are interested in adding a few more highly skilled players to our ranks. If you feel you would be an asset to our guild please contact any member or one of our recruiters - Cilienya, Grezzt, Ledilor, or Lisol.  You can learn about our requirements in the New Members area in our forums.  Just follow the Forums link on the left. 



-Posted by Ghandue

Thursday, June 28 2007


Just like infamous blacksheep relatives, we returned to Deathknell to see if we could sample more of Ayonae Ro's hospitality.  But she appeared upset to see us again so soon, so she challenged us to handle some unruly musicians and their entourage. 

So we did her bidding.

Before we dashed off to the Concert Hall, we took time to congratulate ourselves and admire the rewards for our back to back first kills.  Two pairs of finely made boots and an ornate costume mask.

Then off to the concert hall, and to see just what this choir was all about.

The choir sings loudly, but not too loud.  And Ayonae Ro has her own aria, ballad, and requiem.  All of which strike a dissonant chord.  We'll return with the proper pitch pipes so we can tune her performance to our liking. 



-Posted by Ghandue

Tuesday, June 26 2007


We returned to Deathknell and got a grip on the dizzying reality of vertigo. 

Congratz to all for an exciting first kill.

We are now like company who doesn't know when to leave.  We have become unwelcome guests. 

We're coming, Ayonae Ro.  I know you can't wait to see us again.



-Posted by Ghandue

Thursday, June 14 2007


Deathknell Watchers.  Deathknell Enforcers.  And Ayonae Ro walking around inspecting us.  An interesting fight.

And a very satisfying first kill.

Gratz to everyone. 

We opened the trap door and went looking to see just where that bell landed. 

This will be fun. Lots and lots to kill.



-Posted by Ghandue

Wednesday, June 6 2007


The extra effort and hard work paid dividends last night.  It was time to show our stuff and out do the Performer.

A finely executed first kill.

Congratz to all.  Now on to Mayong.



-Posted by Ghandue

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