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Friday, July 16 2004


Well, we are still busy

A new encounter learned..............

And we noticed a MAJOR change that had to come out of the SoE Customer Summit -- a Major patch item.

Yes folks -- a Real Tree in the GoD Release --- Several Druids fainted Dead away while some Rangers well ......... er this IS a family website, you can imagine................

In related news Several halflings just plain spaced out -- Using the new Paladin AA - Sense Thought I found this.

Another case of Rogue envy? A big slasher? Only time will tell.......


Also the new VP stuff is out

Keeper Clone sighted, sank same.

Let hope to goodness VP is more interesting than it used to be.

Good Hunting all.



-Posted by Ghandue

Monday, June 28 2004


Well we have been staying busy with GoD. I would like to say SoE has fixed all the bugs but that would be false. Even with them we were able to progress to the next stage.

Barxt? Where is Lisa and Homer?

So much for his pals........................

But for all his little tricks and games....................

He still ends up ....................

Very Dead.

Hard work and much learning but a rewarding accomplishment.

Now onward to the the next 'undiscovered country'



-Posted by Ghandue

Wednesday, May 12 2004


We continue to work on GoD content. With the recent news updates from SoE it might actually become fun again. The fact that over 25 Time level guilds are participating in the WoW beta may be a factor. Let all hope SoE continues to improve the content and quality of the release. Please take the time to send them feedback. IMO it does help everyone.    /rant off

We have completed many of the events. Several are routine now.

One of the interesting challenges of GoD has been the determination of new Raid Techniques. The search has sometimes gone too far afield:

<< Shudder >>

And of course the major thing, the finish of the Ikkien Series of events.

No kill screenshot since I was very very dead at the time, but it was a clean kill otherwise( 2DKP for GL Death)

Which brings us to the pain-in-the-butt completion of the quest

Another major milestone complete! Now to the next challenge




-Posted by Ghandue

Sunday, April 11 2004


Well things continue to roll along. With all the Login Server trouble and continued SOE foolishness(they seem intent on making WoW successful) we have been having fun and progressing.

We went retro on one of the Login Fubar days and took This guy down with 32. Was fun to do since I think half that number were alts folks just happen to have online. GO GO BazaarMule1 !

Otherwise we got Plane of Time to a 7 hour Clearing. Still room to improve there, but that was a reasonable pace.

GoD progression continues with new targets and new loot discovered.

Then we find ourselves with this interesting follow who sez this.

So we zone in to check it out and see this........................

***** The following butt kicking has been removed to spare the sensitive nature of our readers *******

Ouchie.  --- But thats what makes exploring the game fun --- die and learn. And it you wonder what goes on in chat while we are doing CR - here is a sample:

Have fun, kill often -- see you in game


**** sorry for the poor image quality -- SOE has changed formats again slightly.



-Posted by Ghandue

Wednesday, March 24 2004


We are still grinding out GoD content. Lots of Learning involved plus the fun of trying to guess what SOE is going to do with their patches.

GoD trials are interesting but are still quite time consuming at the moment.

Have fun, Kill often.




-Posted by Ghandue

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